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Cosmetic Dental Filling

  • 30 minutes
  • Location 1

Service Description

While cavities are 100% preventable, most adults have had at least one cavity by their early 20’s. A dental filling is a painless procedure that restores a decayed tooth, by removing decayed tissue and refilling the cavity with a tooth-colored material. The process of filling a cavity is virtually painless, and there is a short recovery time that allows patients to eat, speak and resume normal activity very promptly post-procedure. It isn’t recommended to delay on a filling a cavity. Since a cavity is a hole in the tooth, forgoing a filling can cause the cavity to deepen so much so that a root canal traetment, crown or tooth extraction is needed to restore the tooth. Moreover, leaving a cavity untreated puts the tooth at risk of infection, since bacteria and particles can get trapped within the cavity. As tooth decay worsens, it is common to feel pain or sensitivity as the nerves at the center of the tooth become exposed, and a patient becomes at-risk for developing an abscess tooth.

Contact Details

  • Dr.Ahmed Mohsen المركز المصري الأردني لطب الاسنان, First New Cairo, Egypt

    +20 1097050867

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